You may not have heard of me.
But chances are you've heard or watched someone coached by me.

From the world's most famous to the world's most anonymous.
TV stars, Presidents, Olympians, CEO's.  Professionals, teenagers, pensioners, business owners.  For some, I'm their best kept secret.

My clients are different, so my training's different.  But whether they're new or seasoned public speakers, they all have one thing in common - good enough isn't enough.  They want exceptional results in the shortest possible time.

If that sounds like you, we've already got a lot in common.

Expert on-camera coaching for both new and experienced TV presenters, hosts, journalists, reporters and vloggers. Follow in the footsteps of over 3,000 trainees, including some of the world's most famous faces...

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Expert presentation skills training and coaching for anyone whose ability to communicate well is crucial to their success. Discover my unique approach, what makes me different, world-class case studies and more...

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Expert media coaching, whether you have a message to promote or position to defend. Take the tour, break the rules and discover the very best way to say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time...

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I've successfully prepared presenters, interviewees & public speakers for all manner of events including...

Sharing the stage with three serving Presidents of the USA

Stars & hosts for some of TV's biggest hit shows including five BAFTA winners

Major worldwide retail product launches

Leading international motor shows including Geneva, Paris and Frankfurt

International sport stars facing the world's press after winning - and losing

Events on an epic scale including a live audience of over 25,000

Crisis-induced press conferences

Presidential leadership campaigns

Globally-televised music and showbiz events

Global medical conferences with a yearly 12,000+ audience

Keynote presentations at the United Nations, New York

Financial and employee roadshows

Live grillings on BBC's "Watchdog" and "Newsnight"

The launch of the 2012 Olympic site in London

Speakers at various World Economic Forums