Pitch Coaching

Delivering the perfect pitch for sales, investment & tender presentations

Specialist coaching and consultancy For successful business pitches - whether you're raising finance, seeking investment, launching your start-up, selling your business or selling your service

Sensational success rate In the past 11 years, over 9 out of 10 pitches, "beauty parades" and tenders I've consulted on have resulted in a successful win for the client

Preparing individuals and teams Giving you the edge in a competitive marketplace and the best possible chance of success

Making a big difference Even at the "dress rehearsal" stage. Or get me in at any point from initial preparation onwards

"A verse and a chorus please..."

Pitching overview
  • Today, formal pitches and tenders are a common occurence.  The supply of almost any product, service or contract can be subject to a detailed purchasing process akin to a real-life "Dragon's Den", "Shark Tank" or "X-Factor"
  • Even professionally retained firms are increasingly being asked to re-pitch simply to maintain their existing clients, with no guarantee of success
  • Organisations often invest a lot of time preparing strong written proposals that result in an invite to pitch...  only to fall down at the final hurdle with a weak, unconvincing, face-to-face formal presentation
  • The problem is, we don't generally buy from well-prepared slides or documentation alone.  We buy from people.  And whilst facts and figures provide a persuasive backdrop, seasoned decision makers are well-used to attractive-looking documentation - after all, no-one competing for new business will undersell themselves
  • So, with everyone broadly saying the same thing - "pick me!...  we're the leaders!...  we're unique!...  we're the best value!...  we're a safe bet!..." etc. - how can you shorten the odds?
  • Unless significant holes can be found in a proposal, advisor or investment case, the decision to engage or buy - unless purely focused on price alone - is typically based on nothing more than a favourable "gut feeling".  Who feels right?  Who do we think we can really work with?  Are these people the best to run the business?
  • And how is that gut feeling formed?  Well, it comes from a multitude of triggers, all based upon the "emotions" generated by the way your pitch is delivered...
  • A clear message, teams that gel, a real sense of individual strengths, trust, believability, unambiguous articulation of benefits, building rapport, effectively dealing with questions - all these things and more are often the difference that makes the difference.  The difference between success and failure, positive and negative, winning and losing

Getting to "yes"

How I can help you win

Reduce cost and time Minimise the time and cost allocated to a tender through more efficient preparation

Message positioning, clarity and structure Culling the fluff, identifying advantageous points of differentiation and positioning in a way that hits home

Stronger together Ensuring pitch teams deliver as an effective unit, whilst simultaneously highlighting the strengths of the individuals involved

Persuasive, congruent, powerful Delivering presentations that connect with your audience, make them feel comfortable with your team and give you the best possible chance of getting to "yes"

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Benefit from my experience

Over the past 30+ years I've successfully prepared speakers for all manner of events including...

Sharing the stage with three serving Presidents of the USA

Stars & hosts for some of TV's biggest hit shows including five BAFTA winners

Major worldwide retail product launches

Leading international motor shows including Geneva, Paris and Frankfurt

International sport stars facing the world's press after winning - and losing

Events on an epic scale including a live audience of over 25,000

Crisis-induced press conferences

Presidential leadership campaigns

Globally-televised music and showbiz events

Global medical conferences with a yearly 12,000+ audience

Keynote presentations at the United Nations, New York

Financial and employee roadshows

Live grillings on BBC's "Watchdog" and "Newsnight"

The launch of the 2012 Olympic site in London

Speakers at various World Economic Forums

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