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Follow in the footsteps of some of the world's biggest names with help from star media coach, Glenn Kinsey

Many of us blame the politicians.

The media interview has become an art-form in shameless plugs and question avoidance.  Overly slick talking heads annoy their audiences.  Over-trained speakers irritate with their lack of depth.  And, whilst they might say the "right" things, they fail to change hearts and minds because we either don't believe them or don't care.

But there are some leaders that look like they've had little training.  There's no sense of trickery or verbal gymnastics.  They speak from the heart in straightforward, plain language.  It feels genuine.  And, whether you like them or not, you actively listen and they get your and the journalist's respect.

Chances are, they were trained by me.

This is what I've been showing people how to do for the past 30 years.  You may not have heard of me but it's likely you've listened to an interviewee coached by me.

From the world's most famous to the world's most anonymous.  TV stars, Presidents, billionaires, Olympians, CEO's.  Professionals, teenagers, pensioners, business owners. Those facing a crisis and those promoting a project.  For some, I'm their best kept secret.

My clients are different, so my training's different.  But whether they're new or seasoned interviewees, they all have one thing in common - good enough isn't enough.  They want exceptional, permanent results in the shortest possible time.

If that sounds like you, you've come to the right place.


What I do

Specialist media training For media appearances and interviews including TV, radio, online and print

One-to-one or groups For all levels including new, experienced and seasoned interviewees and spokespeople

Proven track record Experience of almost every subject and sector over the past 30+ years

Promotional to crisis-driven I've been at the centre of some of the biggest stories of the past decade

Genuinely different My approach is unlike any other. No fluff, no nonsense, just powerful results

No results, no fee guarantee If I don't get results or you're unhappy in any way, you don't pay

More harm than good?

The perils of traditional media training

Much more than "on-message"

Contemporary media relations for leaders is much more than simply "staying on-message without making mistakes"

Today's spectators are at the height of their sophistication

Their bullsh*t detectors are finely-tuned. Deftly-composed statements no longer cut it on their own

Cynical audiences

An increasingly cynical audience, bolstered by the experience of being bombarded with countless media speakers, makes decisions based upon more than just words, assurances and detailed proposals

Merely saying the right thing is no longer enough

How you're perceived inevitably colours, positively or negatively, how your message is perceived and in turn the potential tone of an article or broadcast

We're weary of media-trained trickery

Journalists and audiences can spot it a mile off. Pre-scripted answers delivered without heart and soul cause more harm than good. The PR team might be happy the "right thing" was said. But the audience are left annoyed, feeling cheated they've learnt nothing aside from the speaker's smug ability to sidestep a question or robotically stay on-message

We've all seen it

Skillfully coordinated PR, hard-won brand image and a spokesperson that says the right things can all be struck down in a stroke. Simply because the media and its audience judges the perceived believability and personal impact of the person in charge doesn't match the rest of the message

Gut feeling

No matter what you actually say - and of course, its importance remains - the ultimate gut instinct or "feeling" of the audience is frequently the difference between success and failure, support or indifference, action or inaction. In fact, even with a print interview, the tone of an article is often "coloured" by the gut feeling of the journalist

Too much theory and not enough heart

Traditional media training is typically defensive in approach. The focus is on theory rather than performance. There's a feeling the media should be feared rather than embraced. Training sessions are packed full of the likes of "top ten tips", "body language 101", "here's how to sidestep the question". PR boxes are ticked, but does it actually work in terms of your audience's trust, empathy and believability? In many cases, we don't think so

Why you should break the rules

My approach

If you or your brand are being presented as a leader...

you must deliver like a leader

And true leaders stand out from the crowd

They inspire. They're not over-rehearsed, nor too polished. They articulate with a clarity that's understood by all, rather than resort to convoluted corporate-speak. They deliver from the heart, like naturally gifted communicators, rather than formally trained ones

You've got these qualities already

If you're in a leadership position, you're probably a strong communicator, imbued with all the common sense, instinct and charisma dealing with the media demands

So what's the problem?

True personalities are often severely muted through "putting on an act" in formal speaking opportunities, rather than having the confidence to "break the rules" and "be yourself". In other words, use the unique characteristics upon which you've built your career "off-stage" and intelligently apply them "on-stage"

This is what I'm good at

Seamlessly dove-tailing media strategy into your authentic personality, leaving you with the ability to say the right thing, in the right way, at the right time in a way that's in-tune with modern audiences and the modern media

What you can expect

After coaching with me

Clarity, confidence and competence

A clearly articulated message with interviews delivered in a "conversational style" that just "feels right"

Audiences don't feel cheated

Interviews feel more transparent, more convincing, more in tune with the subject matter


No-one becomes a "spokesperson". The very personality that's got you where you are today is preserved, not diluted. And delivery feels effortless and natural

Meeting in the middle

You'll find it much easier to marry what the journalist wants with what you're trying to achieve, whilst being able to more easily avoid many of the common traps and pitfalls

I won't need to come back

I work quickly and permanently. My coaching is designed so you experience it once and reap the benefits far into the future, being able to apply it to any message you need to deliver

Positive results

Whether you have a product to promote or position to defend, your investment in coaching will deliver a return; as my kind testimonials and case studies continually demonstrate


Built around you

Each session is unique Tailored specifically to match your needs, background and likely media scenarios

Your place or mine One to one or group settings. At your venue or my London, UK media training studio

Flexible duration To suit your needs. From a few hours to a full day, focused on a specific issue or a broad range of topics


Almost 100% practical, learn-by-doing approach

with no dreary lectures or textbook theories. Interviews are meaningful, relevant and real-life

Building confidence through proof

With recording and playback, you'll immediately see the measurable effects of the coaching on both confidence and competence

I give you what you need, not what you already know

My training style is sufficiently flexible and advanced to ensure I go at your pace, instead of working within a rigid structure. This means your time is maximised for optimal benefit and cost effectiveness

And, if your training is in a group setting

...coaching is still predominantly 1 to 1 meaning I can simultaneously challenge and deliver value to both experienced and inexperienced interviewees alike

You'll receive a professional recording

of all the practical exercises, vividly illustrating your growth throughout the training

You'll also receive an individually-tailored, smartphone-friendly "aide memoire"

highlighting the specific conclusions and key points of the coaching and - clients tell us - a wonderful boost when referred to immediately prior to a media interview

"Advice for life"

My clients - whenever they feel they need it - have access to unlimited informal advice, giving re-assurance, a confidence boost and broad-based guidance prior to any key media interview


Realistic interviews

Practical interviews are formed from in-depth background information and research on you or your business and potential media scenarios. Depending on your needs, you'll typically encounter any combination of the following:

Print and online interviews

Face to face interview with a journalist, before being written up into a story

Telephone interviews

For print and online, forming the basis of an article

Radio interviews

Both face-to-face "in studio" and via phone or Skype

Location TV interviews

A pre-recorded interview from which sound-bites are later selected for broadcast within a programme


A media favourite for controversial or fast-moving stories, where flustered comments are often regretted later

Remote "down the line"

The interviewer and interviewee are in separate locations - the interviewee talks straight to camera, instead of a "person"

Remote location interviews

Often held at or outside your place of work, a "down the line" where you're typically talking straight to camera with questions via an earpiece

Live TV interviews

Simulated live studio or location interviews. We have a live multi-camera facility with both our studio and location kit for maximum realism

Live TV interviews 1+2

Simulated studio or location interviews in "discussion style" with two or more guests. Participants typically have opposing viewpoints

What you'll learn

Content is always tailored to your specific needs but here's 12 things you'll typically learn...

Before your interview

What you need to know and how you can turn this information to your advantage

How to prepare

And how to focus in on your message when you're collared "out of the blue"

Discover it's not what you say

But how you say it that often leaves the biggest impression

Interviewing styles

You'll encounter them all. From the softly-softly to the controversial. Breakfast TV to rolling news. Tabloid to financial media. And all selected from the sort of media scenarios you're likely to face

Banish the nerves for good

Common-sense strategies for ridding yourself of the needless fears that often accompany an interview. And all without the use of the likes of gimmicky breathing exercises and mumbo-jumbo self-talk

Technical understanding

From floor manager hand signals to the effective use of studio monitors. The dynamics of a telephone interview to working with an earpiece during a "down the line"

Traps and pitfalls

Common tactics employed by interviewers to catch you off guard. And how to spot them and come out on top

Enhancing media intelligence

Building competence from within so any unprepared-for scenarios can be handled intelligently

Be your own spin doctor

Discover techniques used by the professionals and learn how to apply them to your own media handling

Master the art of the "sound-bite"

And get your point across succinctly, smoothly and powerfully

Stacks of valuable information

From make-up advice to the most flattering way to position yourself on-camera

What to wear

The most effective combinations for on-screen impact

Why come to me?


I train the people you'll be facing

I've personally coached over 3,000 TV presenters, journalists and hosts including many household names. This makes me uniquely qualified to train the interviewees who face them

Speedy results

A fresh, unconventional and unique approach that gets results – fast. I tend to work with very busy people so have to deliver in a matter of hours not days. Check out my case studies to see what I can achieve

Message development expertise

My team's advice has been at the centre of some of the biggest media stories in recent years, so you'll benefit from our experience with all sides of the media machine. "Cash for honours", billion dollar business takeovers, Presidential elections, "Watchdog" investigations, international front-page headlines, the most successful world music tour in history - I've been involved with them all

Creating leaders, not "spokespeople"

I steer clear of all but the most fundamental “do’s and don’ts” suggesting there’s only one way to deliver a successful media interview. You know the kind of thing - "rehearse, rehearse, rehearse", "top tips to bridge the question", "breathing exercises to free the inner you" etc. Much of this media-trained "trickery" leads to charmless interviews and an audience cynical about you and your message

Embracing your personality

Instead, I'll show you how to successfully take advantage of your own distinctive style, putting you in the best possible position to make the most of any interview. Leaders in all fields tend to have reached their position through thinking, behaving and communicating differently. So we'll capitalise on your unique personality, not stifle it

Spotting one of my clients is difficult

We've all seen an over-trained interviewee. Even when technically perfect, they fail to change hearts and minds. My clients don't look like they've had any training. That's because they tend to appear like "natural communicators", at ease with themselves, clear, confident and projecting the right image matched to the right message

Proven track record

Over 30 years experience

With clients in over 20 different countries and a business built almost exclusively on personal recommendation, I've been coaching since 1991. My work's been featured in numerous TV and documentary features as well as over 40 articles in the UK press alone. My corporate client list includes some of the world's biggest companies and I typically work with clients at the highest levels

Benefit from the company I keep

I learn by doing. My colourful client list, mainly comprised of leaders in their respective fields, be it corporate, media or public life – provides me with continued exposure to a broad range of sectors, attitudes and beliefs. This is reflected in the content of my work, ensuring you're provided with skills and techniques backed up by tried, tested and proven experience

Benefit from my experience

Over the past 30+ years I've successfully prepared speakers for all manner of events including...

Sharing the stage with three serving Presidents of the USA

Stars & hosts for some of TV's biggest hit shows including five BAFTA winners

Major worldwide retail product launches

Leading international motor shows including Geneva, Paris and Frankfurt

International sport stars facing the world's press after winning - and losing

Events on an epic scale including a live audience of over 25,000

Crisis-induced press conferences

Presidential leadership campaigns

Globally-televised music and showbiz events

Global medical conferences with a yearly 12,000+ audience

Keynote presentations at the United Nations, New York

Financial and employee roadshows

Live grillings on BBC's "Watchdog" and "Newsnight"

The launch of the 2012 Olympic site in London

Speakers at various World Economic Forums

Case Studies

Glenn Kinsey

About me

Glenn Kinsey

It all started by accident.

I was a 21 year old working in British broadcasting and successfully coached some novice TV presenters.  A national newspaper wrote about it.  And my phone didn't stop ringing.

Since then, over the past 30 years, I've helped some of the biggest names in business, politics, celebrity and media be more confident, more compelling and more effective in their presentations.

I learn more from each and every client and pass that on to the next one. You'll have the benefit of that collective knowledge whether you're trying to persuade, present, sell, defend or connect.

More about me


Guide Fees

Everyone's needs are different so every quote is bespoke - but, to help you budget, here's some examples of the most common basic options

Public Course

One Day
£ 1,250 + vat
  • No results, no fee guarantee
  • Held in Central London, UK
  • Interview preparation
  • Professional video recording
  • Post-training feedback
  • "Advice for life"
  • Maximum 4 participants,
    price per person

Half Day

Most Popular
£ 2,350 + vat
  • No results, no fee guarantee
  • At your venue or my London, UK
    training studio
  • Interview preparation
  • Intensive, 1 to 1 coaching
  • Professional video recording
  • Post-training feedback
  • "Advice for life"

Full Day

Individual 1 to 1
£ 3,950 + vat
  • No results, no fee guarantee
  • At your venue or my London, UK
    training studio
  • Interview preparation
  • Intensive, 1 to 1 coaching
  • Professional video recording
  • Post-training feedback
  • "Advice for life"

Full Day Group

Group Workshop
£ 4,450 + vat
  • No results, no fee guarantee
  • At your venue or my London, UK
    training studio
  • Interview preparation
  • Up to 4 participants recommended
  • Professional video recording
  • Post-training feedback
  • "Advice for life"

No results, no fee guarantee

I know that no matter what the assurances, investing in training is always a risk.  That's why, for peace of mind, if I don't get results or you're unhappy in any way, you don't pay.  This way, we can both have the utmost confidence in your investment.

Booking FAQ's

How do I book?

Just give us a call or drop us a line with your details and a bit of background. We'll get the ball rolling and schedule a call to fully understand what you're trying to achieve. You'll then receive our recommendations and an accurate quote so you've got everything you need to make a decision.

Do you work worldwide?

Yes, I have a base in both London, UK and Los Angeles, USA and regularly work in other locations - get in touch with your requirements and we'll come up with the best solution for your needs.

Can you coach online?

Yes. I regularly coach clients online via video call / Zoom / Teams and can record and playback for review. Get in touch.