Jerry Hall's 'Kept' for MTV - resident media & communications coach

MTV Networks   |   Case Study


  • MTV Networks/VH1 were making a 10-part reality series starring supermodel and Mick Jagger's ex-wife, Jerry Hall
  • To be shown worldwide, the premise was that Jerry chooses 12 impossibly gorgeous American men to compete for the opportunity to live her lavish rock 'n' roll lifestyle as a "kept" man, with the winner receiving a $100,000 prize
  • They needed a resident media and communications coach - to be featured on the programme - who would train the finalists in presentation skills and handling the press and media. We were recommended to producers and Glenn Kinsey took up the challenge


  • A series of short, intensive coaching sessions - also filmed for inclusion in the programme - including challenging and provocative questions put to the "boys" about Jerry Hall in the style of UK tabloid media
  • A "conversation school" was also organised, with the narrative being that the American boys would need to be able to suitably hold their own at London "society" events whilst accompanying Jerry
  • We also set-up a press conference in traditional style in front of the world's press and "over-exaggerated" to suit the narrative of the series, complete with flash bulbs, shouting, tough questions, TV cameras etc. with Jerry observing this as a means to help decide who would go through to the next stage of the competition
  • Filming took place in the UK and the USA