Jerry Hall's Kept airs in the UK

04 Sep 2005

The new series starring supermodel and Mick Jagger's ex-wife, Jerry Hall - and featuring Glenn Kinsey as resident media and communications coach - has started airing in the UK on VH1.

Previously debuting on American TV and shown on networks worldwide, it's a 10-part reality series where Jerry chooses 12 impossibly gorgeous American men to compete for the opportunity to live her lavish rock 'n' roll lifestyle as a "kept" man.

$100,000 prize

With a $100,000 dollar prize for the winner, the lucky competitors share in her life of luxury, accompanying her to star studded events, rock 'n' roll parties and socialising with her friends and family in London.

Jerry's friend

As one of Jerry's "friends", Glenn is tasked with coaching the finalists in the art of conversation as well as how to handle the press and media, the premise being that they'll need these skills to live up to Jerry's exacting standards as she introduces them to the London scene - you can see some clips from the show above.

Filming for the series began at the beginning of the year in the USA and locations in and around London.

Conversation school and press conference

As Jerry's resident "communications and media coach" you'll see Glenn running a "conversation school" for the boys as well as hosting a press conference where the finalists are tested in front of the glare of the world's media.


The show has already caused controversy in the UK after the London Underground banned posters depicting Jerry holding a leash surrounded by semi-dressed young men as it "violated their policy of adverts featuring people as sex objects".

Nevertheless, this has fuelled the publicity for the programme and it's made headlines across the national media.

Viewers will have to stay tuned to see who takes the crown, the money and the penthouse apartment - but the girls in the office say that they'd take them all home if they could!