Ratings RI:SE for C4 newsreader

Princess Productions/C4   |   Case Study


  •  RI:SE, the daily Channel 4 breakfast show (UK) produced by Princess Productions and BSkyB, had re-launched after a disappointing initial run
  •  As part of the revamp, they'd taken on a talented journalist and newsreader from London's Capital Radio - however, she'd had little previous experience on-screen
  •  A couple of months into the programme, she was finding things difficult - hardly surprising as she'd been thrown into a high-pressure role that involved regular live news updates to the nation every 15 minutes or so as well as banter with the other presenters and studio audience. Getting the balance right between journalistic integrity and the upbeat nature of the programme was tricky
  •  Producers asked us to see if we could help turn things around


  •  A four-hour coaching session held at the programme's studio above Whiteley's Shopping Centre, London
  •  Followed by a further two-hour coaching session a couple of months later at the presenter's request
  •  We not only advised on the presenting itself, but also on technical aspects that presented the newsreader in a more flattering light, increasing viewer appeal


  •  The newsreader was so delighted with her progress that both she and the producers asked us to return a couple of months after the initial session to build upon what had already been achieved
  •  Much more comfortable, her warmth and viewer connection massively increased whilst her technical skills - e.g. reading the Autocue (teleprompter) - also soared
  •  She quickly became the underground "star" of the programme, becoming an internet and media celebrity in the process, a wide fanbase citing her subtle "sex appeal" whilst imparting the news
  •  After a year on-air, she went on to successfully present other TV programmes, including C5's Doctor Doctor