Hairdresser to weather presenter as 6 million watch

Prospect Pictures   |   Case Study


  • "Don't Just Dream It" was a series made by leading UK production company, Prospect Pictures for ITV1
  • A feel-good programme, it surprised people with unfulfilled dreams and gave them a chance to live them once and for all
  • They had a Southampton-based hairdresser and mother of two who dreamed of being a weather presenter - her husband had secretly set her up by tipping off producers
  • The plan was for host, Jenny Powell, to surprise her on her doorstep, immediately take her to learn about the science of weather from experts at the UK Met Office, pick up tips from established weather presenters, receive on-camera coaching and then present a live weather bulletin on GMTV, the UK's breakfast channel
  • Producers turned to us for on-camera coaching in the hope of ensuring she could pull off this ambitious challenge


  • Three-hour coaching session, held at our studio venue
  • We pre-prepared weather graphics and scripts etc. to ensure that it was as realistic as possible. Weather reports aren't normally delivered via a teleprompting system (Autocue), but producers wanted to include this element as part of the "story" so we built this into the coaching


  • The programme's subject successfully completed the coaching and on reviewing the tape, seasoned weather girl Sian Lloyd said on the programme that she was "owning the space" and "did brilliantly". GMTV's resident weather girl Andrea McLean - who's also a past client of Glenn's - described her as "a natural"
  • She delivered a live weather bulletin on GMTV to 6 million viewers without a hitch, just two days after being surprised on her doorstep
  • The whole coaching process was filmed and highlights shown as part of the documentary programme when it was eventually aired