'Don't Just Dream It' featuring Glenn Kinsey airs

09 Jul 2008

In the space of a morning, Glenn Kinsey helped turn a part-time hairdresser and mother of two into a GMTV weather presenter for a new series now airing on ITV1.

"Don't Just Dream It" is a feel-good show that surprises people with unfulfilled dreams and gives them the chance to live them once and for all.

Michelle Watkins' husband Stuart got in touch with producers to tell them of his wife's lifelong dream to be a weather presenter. Michelle was surprised on her Southampton doorstep by the show's host, Jenny Powell and whisked off to London by limo before learning about the science of weather from experts at the UK Met Office.

You're definitely owning the space, I think you did brilliantly

Sian Lloyd, Weather Presenter

She then spent a morning training with Glenn Kinsey at our London studio before the footage was reviewed by legendary weather girl, Sian Lloyd who said, "You're definitely owning the space, I think you did brilliantly."

The following day she was met at GMTV's studios by their resident weather presenter Andrea McLean - who's also previously trained with Glenn - before presenting the weather to 6 million viewers on the UK's most popular breakfast show, live on the programme. And two days before, she knew nothing about it!

There was one more surprise in store. Her family had secretly made the trip up from Southampton to the GMTV Green Room to see Michelle deliver the weather to the nation.

"It was unreal", said her mother, Carol. "Everyone said how natural she was - I was so proud of her."

You can see some edited highlights from the programme via the video link above. 'Don't Just Dream It' is a Prospect Pictures production.