800% sales increase after two hours coaching

Gatineau   |   Case Study


  • Gatineau, Paris is a professional skincare brand, sold in salons and spas worldwide and originally founded in the 1930's
  • A consistent performer on QVC and popular with the public, female beauty therapists had been used to educate viewers and sell the brand - it was a formula that worked
  • The Managing Director, a male, didn't want to have to necessarily rely on beauticians to promote the brand and fancied a crack at representing the products on-screen himself
  • QVC were naturally reluctant - they'd never had a male selling the range and felt that female viewers would struggle to connect with someone that wasn't a beauty therapist
  • Despite their concerns, they agreed to audition him and he came to us for help


  • A two-hour coaching session for the audition itself - which he passed - followed by a further two-hour session immediately prior to the airing of the live programme


  • A sell-out of the entire stock by 11.04am
  • Followed by a further GBP £288,000 in sales against an GBP £80,000 basic target
  • Total sales for the day of GBP £750,000 - the best sales result in the brand's teleshopping history
  • Gatineau became one of the top-selling beauty brands on QVC and, at the time of writing, has continued to grow and grow with Andrew, the M.D., becoming one of their favourite "stars"
  • We subsequently continued to provide coaching and advice and, as the brand grew, trained other on-screen representatives for Gatineau with similar success


 - Testimonial

"Awesome - a sell-out and £750,000 in sales in one day!"

We had an awesome day. We sold out of the entire day's stock by 11.04am, then pulled in a further GBP £288,000 sales vs. an GBP £80,000 basic budget. Total for day was best ever at GBP £750,000, budget GBP £850! So, thanks a million!

Andrew Bagley Managing Director, The Beauty Room (Gatineau) who sell their products on QVC