Advanced Presentation Skills roadshow for medical professionals

Pfizer   |   Case Study


  • Leading pharmaceutical company, Pfizer - operating in 180 countries worldwide - wanted to educate medical professionals about a pioneering new diabetes therapy
  • However, medics are notoriously busy people and getting their attention is a constant challenge
  • We were recommended by their education consultancy and set about coming up with a win-win solution for the medics and drug company alike


  • A series of 4-hour, Advanced Presentation Skills workshops for small groups of select GP's, consultants and registrars held across the UK - partly using a slide presentation of the new therapy as a practical exercise
  • This benefits were two-fold - medics had a chance to significantly improve a much needed workplace skill whilst simultaneously learning about the new therapy
  • Sessions were intensive, almost 100% practical and, in a group setting, also allowed them to meet new colleagues and share medical experiences


  • The "roadshow" was a great success - so much so that early positive feedback resulted in the client doubling the number of scheduled locations and workshops
  • 100% of participants scored 5 out of 5 on their independent evaluation questionnaires for overall value and 5 out of 5 for the sessions meeting or exceeding expectations - a knock-out result for the client
  • Evaluation questionnaire comments included:
    • "Terrific analysis and help in presentations"
    • "Will help in clinical presentations tremendously"
    • "Very grateful for this experience - it was unique"
    • "A very different approach to what is normally taught and it worked!"


 - Testimonial

"100% of participants scored 5 out of 5"

All the feedback received through the evaluation questionnaires after the recent series of Advanced Presentation Skills workshops was extremely positive, with 100% of participants rating them both 5 out of 5 for overall value and 5 out of 5 for meeting or exceeding expectations. Comments included, 'Terrific analysis and help in presentations...', 'Will help in clinical presentations tremendously...' and 'Very grateful for this experience - it was unique...'

Pfizer evaluation report on a series of nationwide Pozitiv training sessions for clinical consultants, registrars and GP's