Beverly Hills beauty turnaround

Gale Hayman, Beverly Hills   |   Case Study


  • Gale Hayman is a luxury skincare and make-up brand, particularly popular with mature ladies, and with a 20+ year heritage
  • They had been selling their products successfully on QVC for 3 years, but sales had dipped from their peak
  • Recommended by another client of ours, Elemis, they asked if we could help


  • A two-hour intensive coaching session with the brand representative, focusing on presentational issues and TV sales psychology


  • An unprecedented total sell-out on the very next show on QVC, confirmed by a lovely note of thanks from the client
  • At the time of writing, the brand remains a strong-seller on QVC with an expanded product range


 - Testimonial

"We had a SELL-OUT on QVC!"

I really enjoyed the session and felt I learnt a lot - and most importantly we had a SELL OUT on QVC! Thank you again.

Samantha Walpole Gale Hayman, Beverly Hills