Double-whammy as novice MC successfully speaks to 7,000 and consultant wins more business

Crown Business Communications   |   Case Study


  • A top 5 UK communications consultancy, Crown provides expertise to a broad range of blue-chip clients
  • Two individuals needed our help - the first, a senior manager, was tasked with hosting a nationwide staff roadshow for a key client with 7,000 employees which involved MC'ing each event as well as facilitating Q&A sessions. In the past, the client had hired a professional facilitator but, to save money, they wanted their account manager at Crown to front the proceedings
  • The second individual - recommended by the first - was looking to improve his client presentations with a view to winning more work for the business


  • An intensive 2-hour, 1 to 1 session for each individual focusing on their specific needs


  • Success with both - the MC more than pulled it off and the business development manager won more work for the company as a result of putting the coaching into practice
  • This was confirmed by testimonials kindly sent by the pair.


 - Testimonial

"In two hours I was transformed from mediocre presenter into a leader"

It gave me the confidence to take on the world! I've been delivering awesome presentations whilst being myself - in fact, communicating to an audience feels like talking to a best friend and I'm winning more business as a result. Just those two hours with you transformed me from a mediocre presenter into a leader. The before-Glenn and after-Glenn recordings of my presentation were astonishing.

Andrew Broadfoot Business Development Manager, Crown Business Communications
 - Testimonial

"I feel ten times more inspired"

Not only did your approach give me a great insight into the makings of a natural speaker, as a result of the session I feel ten times more inspired to go out there and enjoy the experience. The tour went brilliantly and the training you gave me proved absolutely invaluable in my new MC role.

Paul Querfurth Crown Business Communications