Fashionistas at Vogue

Vogue   |   Case Study


  • Vogue is an iconic brand, known the world over for fashion trend-setting
  • The magazine had recently set up Vogue TV, an online portal designed to cover leading fashion shows worldwide
  • Many more people visit the website than read the magazines, so it was important that they catered to a broad audience
  • Their fashion editors, some of them legendary names themselves, were more used to writing about fashion rather than talking about it on-screen and early attempts were proving difficult - so they came to us for help


  • Two 3-hour coaching sessions at Vogue HQ, with four fashion editors in each session
  • Content included talking to camera and media interviews


  • All the participants reported feeling much more relaxed about appearing on the channel as well as more willing to participate
  • First appearances post-coaching were judged to be a great success and the channel continues to set the fashion agenda as well as generate significant advertising revenue
  • With increased confidence, they saw more on-screen appearances on mainstream TV, regularly providing expert commentary on the latest fashion trends