Hypnotist takes to the skies

Lawrence Leyton   |   Case Study


  • Lawrence Leyton is an inspirational motivational speaker and hypnotist
  • More used to presenting to live audiences at corporate conferences worldwide, TV opportunities were arising and he was conscious that this was a different medium altogether
  • Wanting to improve his warmth to camera and interview technique - as well as get to grips with the technical aspects of presenting - his agent recommended he came to us for guidance


  • Two-hour, studio-based coaching session, focusing specifically on the areas outlined for improvement


  • Success all round and, as a result, shortly after the training he presented a number of programmes for ITV
  • He then fronted a prime-time, Channel 4 "event" documentary, Fear of Flying where he took 40 of the most extreme phobics in the UK and successfully conquered their fears of enclosed spaces, heights and, ultimately, flying


 - Testimonial

"Money well spent!"

A big thanks to everyone... it was a very valuable 2 hours and money well spent!

Lawrence Leyton hypnotist, went on to present Fear of Flying, C4; Time Travellers, ITV and others