Increasing the odds of success

Ladbrokes plc   |   Case Study


  •  Ladbrokes is a market-leading global online and retail-based betting and gaming company
  •  With an active PR department, they were regularly called upon to provide comment on everything from the odds on sporting wins to who would win the latest reality TV show
  •  Such commentary is a valuable promotional tool for the business, reinforcing their name in the minds of prospective gamers
  •  With increasing competition, they recognised that journalists and producers would typically go with the "person" rather than the "business" - in other words, spokespeople who gave the best value in terms of confidence, competence and personality tended to be the first on the list for media comment
  •  Their people felt they could do better - so, after a recommendation, they turned to us for help


  •  A full day's intensive, studio-based coaching working with two individuals on each day
  •  The training encompassed the wide variety of scenarios they could and would face - radio interviews, print interviews, location interviews, live "down the lines", studio-based interviews and telephone interviews. In addition, we also included presenting to camera to allow them to exploit opportunities as guest TV "experts" should they arise


  •  A significant increase in media exposure as their team increasingly became the preferred "choice" of journalists and producers, helping them beat their competitors
  •  The presentation coaching came in handy - one member of the team landed a regular slot on a popular magazine programme in a co-presenting/expert role, giving the company further valuable exposure
  •  From horse-racing to the football World Cup, Strictly Come Dancing to Big Brother - members of their team were regularly featured in print and on radio and TV


 - Testimonial

"An unqualified triumph"

Just a very quick note to thank you sincerely for the training course. It was an unqualified triumph! The setting, the content, pace, hospitality and all round professionalism was first class and, not least, the day was terrific fun. The training swung into action almost immediately with my successful Saturday tea-time ITV1 interviews waxing lyrical about X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing...

David Williams Media Relations Director, Ladbrokes plc
 - Testimonial

"Full of praise for the support, guidance and expertise provided"

Whilst several potential consultancies appeared on the shortlist, the criteria of 'experience with sports broadcasting', 'use of an actual TV studio for the training/coaching', and 'do it tomorrow?' left Glenn top of the list. In 24 hours and through a series of phone calls a programme was constructed that was exactly what we were searching for. Just two and a half weeks later the development was completed and all objectives met. At all times Glenn and his team have been highly professional and have shown that engaging just the right consultancy is the way to gain optimum value for money. They continue to offer on-going support to our managers who were full of praise for the support, guidance and expertise provided by Glenn and his team.

Graham Baker HR Controller, Ladbrokes plc