Live via satellite

Smiths Group plc   |   Case Study


  • Smiths is a £3 billion global technology business delivering products and services for the threat and contraband detection, energy, medical devices, communications and engineered components markets worldwide
  • The Chairman was due to deliver a presentation via satellite from a London studio to over 300 employees at a company conference in the USA
  • This was to start with a 20 minute presentation using an on-camera Autocue teleprompting system, before taking questions from the audience across the Atlantic and exchanging impromptu banter with the MC at the conference


  • A busy man and a novice prompting system user, we were allocated just 60 minutes immediately prior to the presentation
  • During this short time we familiarised our client with the setup, ran through his script making changes on the fly, outlined the etiquette of a satellite link-up and provided coaching in the use of the prompter
  • We completed the coaching with just a minute to go before the link-up went live to the conference


  • Our client delivered a flawless presentation in such a way that it seemed off-the-cuff rather than scripted
  • Delighted with the results, this became the first of several such presentations, ultimately saving the business money by allowing executives to maximise the use of their time as well as be "present" at international events