Media training the 'Prime Minister' for Marie Claire

Marie Claire Magazine   |   Case Study


  • Marie Claire magazine was producing a tongue-in-cheek feature article entitled "Could You Be The Next Prime Minister?", asking if a bit of spin doctoring could groom even the most outrageous election candidate
  • We were recommended to the journalist by a politican and she came to us for some coaching before facing interviews with two leading political reporters


  • A two-hour coaching session, focusing on her "manifesto" and potential lines of questioning to prepare her for facing the reporters


  • The feature described how the coaching session resulted in the journalist successfully getting through a gruelling interview with Sky News' political editor, Adam Boulton and leading political pundit, Mathew Parris
  • The article described Glenn Kinsey as someone who'd helped "turn around the careers of many prominent business leaders and public figures, including politicians", also describing him as "the most successful trainer of TV presenters in the country"

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