Seasoned news presenter seeking greater viewer connection

Sky News   |   Case Study


  • Sky News is a widely respected, 24-hour domestic and international television news broadcaster
  • One of its main reporters, an established face who'd reported both nationally and internationally for the broadcaster felt she'd hit a bit of a brick wall
  • Her journalism was impeccable and her talents at getting some of Sky's biggest stories were without doubt
  • However, she was struggling with conveying warmth to camera and effectively putting across the empathy she felt towards some of the individuals featured in her more in-depth reports, whilst ensuring she didn't tip over the journalistic "edge"
  • She felt she was "missing that connection with the camera that draws the viewer into the story I'm telling"
  • News editors wanted to help so they sent her to us to see if we could show the reporter how to turn things around


  • As preparation, we viewed a collage of her work to see if we could pinpoint the problems
  • We delivered a two-hour intensive coaching session to establish the issues and help the reporter achieve her goals


  • An immediate and definite improvement with reports clearly warmer when necessary, even greater authority on camera and increased viewer "connection"
  • The client was surprised when we showed her how to get rid of her notes entirely - something she said she'd "never been able to do before"
  • We received a lovely note of thanks and the reporter's career and profile continues to go from strength to strength