Where did you learn to speak like that?!

Aviat Networks   |   Case Study


  •  Aviat Networks is a NASDAQ-listed global network provider with a presence in nearly 50 countries
  •  A senior manager, based in Nigeria, was regularly giving high level presentations to customers, colleagues and international audiences
  •  Whilst she enjoyed it, she found giving presentations an ordeal, often crumbling under the pressure with nerves accompanied by "a rapidly beating heart". She turned to us for help


  •  A 3-hour intensive coaching session, focused both on presentation and influencing skills


  •  The results were summed up in a kind testimonial sent after the coaching, seen below
  •  She continued to improve, bolstered by an additional complimentary telephone consultation prior to a particularly crucial presentation


 - Testimonial

"The CEO asked me where I learnt to speak like that!"

Initially I was sceptical about flying over from Africa for a course lasting a couple of hours but I have no regrets and feel "transformed". The coaching has definitely helped improve my public communication skills and it's satisfying looking at the difference between the first recording and the last one! My only regret is that I wish I'd done this course a lot earlier on in my career. After my first presentation the CEO came up to me to ask where I learnt to speak like that! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Fola Disu Aviat Networks, Africa