Year on year sales increase of 40%

Phytomer   |   Case Study


  • Phytomer is a French marine-based cosmetology brand, established in 1971 and selling its products in over 70 countries
  • After a year on QVC the distributor came to us for advice after seeing sales increase post-coaching for another of their teleshopping brands


  • A single two-hour coaching session for each Phytomer on-air sales representative over the period of a year


  • After coaching, the client reported a 40% year on year sales increase which they directly attributed to the training sessions
  • In a testimonial, the client said:


 - Testimonial

"Sales have increased over 40%"

As you are aware, we have now been using your services for over 2 years and have subsequently achieved incredible results from all our presenters! Prior the the 1-on-1 training sessions, only 1 of our 4 presenters had previously had television experience. However, you've given them all the confidence and required skills to succeed... and they have! Over the past year our on air sales have increased by over 40%. I'd like to say a big thank you to Glenn for his professionalism, motivation, and his ability to not only make you feel so at ease, but also for the demonstrable improvement he achieves in just a 2 hour session.

Olivia Watson Account Manager, Phytomer