Specialist presenters for Racing UK and Channel 4 Racing

Highflyer Productions   |   Case Study


  • Highflyer Productions are a BAFTA-winning production company, supplying horse-racing programming to the likes of Racing UK and Channel 4
  • The world of horse-racing is a complex area and presenters must be specialists first and foremost with a strong grasp of their subject, backed by an encyclopedic knowledge of horses, riders and form
  • These individuals are hard to come by and, of course, ensuring they can hold their own on-screen is another challenge, particularly since racing enthusiasts demand authority, knowledge and passion for the subject
  • The company had a need to find the quickest route to get newcomers on-screen and, recommended by Channel 4, they came to us


  • Our public, one-day television presenters course where we effectively provide a bespoke experience for each presenter in a group setting
  • Cost effective and with a maximum of 3 participants, trainees undergo a broad range of scenarios including ad-libbing, scripting, presentations using Autocue (teleprompting system), live location reports, interviews and live, studio-based multi-camera magazine-style shows


  • After initial success in coaching a new presenter for Channel 4 Racing, the company continued to send a number of potential presenters to us via our public course
  • At the time of writing, every single one of them has ended up presenting on Racing UK's output or Channel 4 Racing including such established racing names as Marietta Doran, Lorna Bradbourne, Michael Wilson and Oli Bell